8 Week Online Coaching

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Nov 2 Side Comparison.JPG

8 Week Online Coaching


Online Coaching is essentially virtual personal training! Rather than us both setting aside time in our busy schedules to meet in-person, we will work together using communication to help you reach your goals. 

At just $25/week (In-Person sessions are $35/hour), you will receive:

  • A training program tailored to your schedule and goals 
  • A nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle, preferences and budget
  • A weekly online check-in with me where we assess your progress and make any adjustments necessary 
  • "Getting Started Guide" with tips for making the process easier and FAQs
  • Support via text message as needed

My very first client was "online" and she had great success, but the disclaimer here is that ADHERENCE MATTERS! In order for this to be successful, you must hold up your end of the deal and commit to following your plan at least 80% of the time. Consistency will get you farther than anything else! 

Upon purchase you will receive a questionnaire that will be returned to me to help me get a better idea of your goals and history. Using that questionnaire and collaboration from you, I will begin creating your plan. I ask that you take progress pictures and measurements at the start and then biweekly moving forward! 

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