2017 Cut - Week 15 - The End :)

Yep. You read it right - That's all folks! If you read my last update you probably knew it was coming, but after a lot of wrestling with my coaches & dragging my feet, we made the decision to stop cutting. Ultimately, my goal is to be as strong as possible for my June meet. Once the realization that I wasn't going to make weight sunk in, my focus shifted from that to "Well crap I gotta lift against bigger girls - time to get strong!"

Last week we began reverse dieting - tapering my cardio and adding in a few calories. Nothing major only 12 grams of carbs to my training days, but man what you can do with 12 grams of carbs. My cardio decreased significantly which was great because we all know how I feel about it. I am going to keep some cardio in my plan moving forward though just for endurance and mental health reasons. Cardio is my zone out time so it's nice to have a few minutes to do just do something monotonous without thinking about it. 

Once these changes were made it was like my entire circumstance shifted. I was less stressed, my lifts were moving the best they have yet and I felt at peace about everything. This entire meet prep squatting 300 for reps has been my kryptonite - I could do 295 no problem but make me do 300 and I'd fail at least once. So Saturday when I saw 300 for several sets of 2 on the books, I went in determined and sure enough they felt good. Still a grind, but I felt confident. 

So with just 6 weeks left to go, we're focusing on getting as strong as we possibly can and slowly adding in food. My weight actually went down the first week of my reverse, but I had a couple of untracked meals over the weekend so it was back up. As a result, we're not adding calories this week, but cardio is reduced again. 

And all this is probably useless information for you, but the takeaway is that sometimes you have to take a step back and look at every area of your life as a whole and really evaluate what is important to you. Everything we do carries over into other areas of our lives and if our overall quality of life is diminished - what are we even doing it for? 

So with that, I leave 13 ish pounds and some inches behind and focus on the goals ahead. 6 more weeks until I prove myself on that platform and I'm going to give it everything I've got! 

If reverse dieting is of interest to you, let me know in the comments and I will potentially document that as well. It is an unknown area for a lot of people so I'd love to give you a first hand look at how it works. 

Starting Macros: 2080 Calories/ 140g Protein/ 245g Carbs/ 60g Fat
                            1915 Calories/ 140g Protein/ 215g Carbs/ 55 Fat
                            1750 Calories/140g Protein/185g Carbs/50 Fat

Ending Macros: High Day 1830 Calories/145g Protein/ 200g Carbs/ 50 Fat
                            Low Day 1465 Calories/145g Protein/120g Carbs/ 45 Fats

Start of Reverse: High Day 1878 Calories/145g Protein/212g Carbs/50 Fat
                             Low Day 1513 Calories/145g Protein/132g Carbs/45 Fat

Starting Cardio: 4 days of Steady State Cardio for 20 mins
Ending: 4 days for 25 minutes/1 HIIT Session on Saturday
Start of Reverse: 4 days of 15 mins Steady State (Reduced to 3 days 5/2)

                         Starting                  This Week
Waist                   32.5"                         28.5"
Hips                      39"                           35"
Quad                     24"                          23"
Bicep                    12.5"                         12"
Upper Hip            36"                            34.5"