2017 Cut - Week 10/Day 70

I'm the worst blogger ever lol. Not really because I haven't been at it long enough to really validate that but life got busy and it took a back burner. So I'm going to have to give you the cliff notes version. 

Week 6-7 - Pre-Arnold Sports Festival Feb 26-March 4 - My last blog post was the week prior and I was at a sticking point around 154 lbs. I had an off-plan meal that Sunday (Feb 26) and by Wednesday (March 1) I had dropped down to 151.8. Left that Thursday for the Arnold and wasn't able to weigh but had another untracked meal that Saturday night as well. 

Week 8 - Week after the Arnold. Weight was back up to 153 after the Arnold thanks to female stuff and fighting off the Arnold crud. My husband had the full blown flu that week so things were tough at our house. I got a shortened version towards the end of the week and just didn't feel 100% so we hung around the house most of the week. 

Week 9 (March 12-18) - Last Week - I weighed in around 150.6 on Wednesday so was super happy to see 149 on Saturday morning. And then I proceeded to have pizza and a brownie Saturday night but #YOLO (and in my defense I had a lot of macros to play with). Weight was up this morning but that is to be expected. 

On Wednesday, I checked in with Coach Paul and shared some ideas I had for how we could continue to make progress but make my quality of life a little more manageable. With powerlifting training, you'll have really hard training days that you do the big lifts (Squat, Bench, Deadlift) and then have lighter "accessory days" with exercises that complement those lifts. I tend to be very hungry on Mon, Wed, Friday, & Saturday - my heavier days and not so hungry the other days of the week. I suggested that we do High Calorie Days and Low Calorie Days moving forward so I have enough food to fuel those workouts and then eat less on the days I don't need it. This approach has worked well for me before so I'm excited to see how we progress moving forward.  

I've finally broke through a training plateau and feel like things are progressing again. And with that comes aches and pains, but otherwise I still feel fairly strong. When cutting weight and doing strength sports, you have to try to drop body fat while maintaining as much strength as possible, but because you weigh less, everything is going to feel heavier/harder than it looks. My programming coach, Ryan, put it well and said "When your cutting you always feel like you're going to die" :P To an observer the set might look super easy, but meanwhile you're having chest pains and feel like you need an oxygen tank or a wheelchair HAHA! 

We're just under 12 weeks out from my meet. Ideally I would like to make the 63 kg (138.6lb) weight class, but my current goal is to get back under 145 and see how I feel strength wise. It's not worth it to cut down a weight class if your performance suffers greatly. Hoping to see 145 by May 1st but you never know! 

Here's the numbers. I'll try to get better about updating from here on out!

Starting Weight: 158
Current Weight: 149.8

Starting Macros: 2080 Calories/ 140g Protein/ 245g Carbs/ 60g Fat
                            1915 Calories/ 140g Protein/ 215g Carbs/ 55 Fat
                             1750 Calories/140g Protein/185g Carbs/50 Fat

Current Macros: High Day 1830 Calories/145g Protein/ 200g Carbs/ 50 Fat
                            Low Day 1465 Calories/145g Protein/120g Carbs/ 45 Fats

Starting Cardio: 4 days of Steady State Cardio for 20 mins
Current: 4 days for 25 minutes/1 HIIT Session on Saturday

Measurements: These just haven't been changing much! A lot of that is due to glycogen and muscle fullness!
                         Starting                  This Week
Waist                   32.5"                         30"
Hips                      39"                           37.5"
Quad                     24"                          24"
Bicep                    12.5"                         12"
Upper Hip            36"                            36"