2017 Cut - Week 4/Day 28

Annndddd I got my first macro drop this past weekend. Jinxed myself by posting that I was expecting no changes. I keep having to remind myself that I'm still cutting on a significant amount of calories for a 5' 3.5" female. I have never lost weight on this many calories ever, so I need to stop griping so much. Reverse Dieting literally changes the game because you have been on the other side of the fence -- AND THE GRASS IS GREENER YALL! Your pants might just not fit! lol But once you get a taste of those luxury macros (i.e. all the potatoes, ice cream and peanut butter) it is hard to have to cut! The only plus side is I know I will be so much more diligent in the beginning of my reverse diet this next go round to keep the body fat down. 

*Just a quick Reverse diet definition if you aren't familiar with it - reverse dieting is essentially just that - putting your diet in reverse. Rather than slowly dropping calories/adding cardio, we slowly add calories/drop cardio so that our bodies can adapt without gaining a significant amount of body fat. Typically when people jump off of a diet head first into a bowl of Ben & Jerry's, they end up putting on more body fat than they'd like because their body is in a depleted state and will store it faster.*

Really my cut hasn't been that bad. My energy is still pretty great and I am not experiencing any significant hunger. I have learned through trial and error that I can't do my powerlifting workouts first thing in the morning anymore and expect them to feel good. My heavier training days tend to fall on my busier days client-wise and trying to squat 265 for 5 sets of 6 at 5 am with only a pre-workout meal and a liter of water in you is no bueno. I find I feel much better if I do them later in the day when I've had a few meals and a good amount of water. I've always been an early morning gym goer, but I've just had to listen to my body and be smarter. 

I do want to take a second and brag on my coaches/support system. Paul has been so awesome to work with over the past two years and even though sometimes I want him to coddle me, he is very cut and dry which is what I need! And then on the programming side, Ryan is seriously the bomb. He is all the way on the West Coast but always happy to answer questions or text me about froyo lol. I had a not so great squat AMRAP the past two weekends and he sent me a great pep talk about adaptations and I really felt much better afterwards. 

And let's not forget all my fitness girlfriends! I have so many people that text me to see how things are going or encourage me or tell me to stop whining. It's so nice having a support system that understands what you're going through and can offer outside perspective. 

And with that, here's the changes!

Starting Weight: 158
Current Weight: 154

Starting Macros: 2080 Calories/ 140g Protein/ 245g Carbs/ 60g Fat
                            1915 Calories/ 140g Protein/ 215g Carbs/ 55 Fat

Starting Cardio: 3 days of Steady State Cardio for 20 mins
Current: 4 days

                         Starting                  This Week
Waist                   32.5"                         30"
Hips                      39"                           37.5"
Quad                     24"                          24"
Bicep                    12.5"                         12"
Upper Hip            36"                            36"