Happy Valentine's Day! Today we celebrate love, romance and all things chocolate! Hallmark Holiday or not, who can't get on board with chocolate? If nothing else, take time to love on those that are special to you and even sprinkle some love to your neighbors today. But also, take time to love yourself today. 

You can be your biggest advocate or your biggest critic. Sometimes I think we all need to take a step back and love ourselves the way our loved ones love us. The people that love you aren't concerned with those 5-10 pounds that you think you need to lose. Or even the 50 or more that you should lose. They're concerned with your heart and your well-being. The people that love you don't care that you have cellulite or that you're starting to find gray hairs. They cherish the years that they've known you and the memories you share. The man that you started a family with loves your stretch marks... they came from the life you two created and are raising together. Look at yourself through someone else's eyes. 

Our society has really embraced the #loveyourself movement in recent years and I'm completely on board with it, but I think we shouldn't let a movement make us complacent. Love your body at every size, but also love yourself enough to put your health first. Some bodies just tend to carry more weight than others and that's life. Some bodies tend to carry less weight than others. Continue to get uncomfortable. Some people are introverts, some are extroverts, and some are stuck in the middle (Yes I can talk to a stop sign. No I don't want to go out in public tonight). Sure you have a job now that pays the bills...but do you really love it? Life is too short to be unhappy, to be mean to yourself and to be complacent. So today, I challenge you to #LoveYourself in all seasons, sizes and situations because if you don't love you - how can anyone else?

#LoveYourself enough to make changes towards a healthier you.

#LoveYourself enough to not care what others think about you.

#LoveYourself enough to set goals - physical, personal, professional goals.

#LoveYourself enough to exercise when you're stressed rather than eat.

#LoveYourself enough to get the grilled nuggets when you really want the fried ones.

#LoveYourself enough to just eat the ice cream rather than depriving yourself. 

#LoveYourself enough to pick out the thing you like about yourself rather than what you really don't like.

#LoveYourself enough to ask that girl/guy out that you feel like would never give you the time of day. Rejection only stings for a minute.

#LoveYourself enough to stop comparing yourself to others. Sure Kim Kardashian is rich, but she also has terrible form in the gym. Also, that lady that looks like she has it all together on social media, probably only had it together long enough to take that selfie. Who even knows if she's wearing pants?

#LoveYourself enough to get out of debt.

#LoveYourself enough to remove the toxicity from your life - people, places, addictions.

#LoveYourself enough to lose the people that drag you down.

#LoveYourself enough to make new friends. Get out of your comfort zone. Try something new.

#LoveYourself enough to pursue that thing you've always dreamed about doing. 

#LoveYourself enough to take the trip. It's just a few vacation days and a airline ticket.

#LoveYourself enough to be selfish. Be selfish with your time, your resources and your energy.

#LoveYourself enough to take on more than what they pay you for. Show them what you're worth.

#LoveYourself enough that you'll love others. Make a difference in someone's life just because you can.

#LoveYourself enough to be bold in your faith. 

#LoveYourself enough to take time to do what makes you happy and be with those that make you happy.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the gist. People always think of love as a projection onto someone or something else. But sometimes you just need to project that right on back at yourself. Cover yourself with it. Roll around in it. And then go sprinkle that stuff on everyone else!