2017 Cut - Week 2/Day

We survived the first week fam! I started my new macros last Sunday and while there were several days I wanted to eat the paint off the walls, I stuck to them and was consistent and got through. I even tracked all weekend (sayyy whaaattttt - that never happens if its not deadline induced cut lol). Mikey & I were going to go down to the beach on Sunday so I was planning to have an untracked meal, but due to the weather we decided not to so I ended up just sticking to my numbers. 

Honestly, it's a definite decrease from what i was formerly eating (aka Everything), but I really don't feel deprived and haven't had too much hunger yet. Shoutout to Tarrah Speer, Jaime Kallay and Hayley Baxley for talking me out of eating everything lol. It took a solid week before the scale moved at all thanks to my female reproductive organ drama, but I knew that was a contributing factor. Moral of the Story: Be patient and don't get discouraged. 

I also started new programming this past week and it KICKED MY BUTT. More volume and accessory work to just really build as much strength as possible before my next week. I also have 3 days of back work now, just because my back has always been a weaker area and is so vital to the Big 3 Lifts. 

I've registered for the USAPL North Carolina State Championship Meet on June 10th in Raleigh so that gives me just under 20 weeks to prepare. Hopefully if we take this cut slow and steady I can get down to my weight class and maybe even be able to eat more going into the meet, but we will see! Looking forward to the weeks to come!

Current Macros: 2080 Calories/ 140g Protein/ 245g Carbs/ 60g Fat
   *My numbers will stay the same until I hit a plateau - i.e. weight doesn't move for 8-14 days

Cardio: 3 days of Steady State Cardio for 20 mins
 *I typically use the elliptical or the treadmill for this and get my heart rate in the 65-75% zone and stay there

                         Starting                  This Week
Waist                   32.5"                         31"
Hips                      39"                           38"
Quad                     24"                           24"
Bicep                    12.5"                          12"

While a lot of my measurements have dropped, a lot is probably contributed to bloat. During the first week of a diet you'll typically drop some water weight but that is to be expected. It will be a long time before that quad measurement goes down at all LOL

And now for the pics! Yes the lighting is different but most pictures will be early morning before the sun comes up moving forward. The left is my starting pic and the right is currently.
*Click on the far right of the photo to scroll through*