New Year, New Me?

Welcome to Day 2 of the next trip around the sun. 2016 is behind us and tis the season of resolutions, gym memberships and a new you. 

Honestly, I can't say I have any resolutions this year. Maybe some goals, better time management, financial sense, etc. but no real habits to break/start. I am going to be shifting towards a new phase for my own training and nutrition and am honestly looking forward to it!

Since my two bodybuilding shows in April, I have been "Reverse Dieting" -- slowly adding in calories and decreasing cardio to rebuild my metabolism and maintain a lower body fat -- versus just going back to normal eating patterns immediately post show. When we diet down, our metabolism adapts to the new body fat levels and slows, so if we immediately add in an influx of calories, our bodies will store body fat rather quickly (i.e. why low carb diets typically fail). For about 8 weeks I was able to stay within 5 lbs of my stage weight, but life happens and vacations happen and I did gain a little more than I intended. I honestly cannot remember a time before this past year that I purposely ate more and was okay with gaining weight and I'm mentally stronger for it. It's amazing how content you can be when you don't focus so much on your outward appearance! However, I can definitely tell my body composition has changed for the better and I'm excited to uncover what all this heavy lifting has done for me. I now eat close to 2,500 calories a day, 300 grams of carbs and do zero cardio. That's right - zilch. The point of this is so that my body can get back to a level of homeostasis before we begin to cut body fat so hopefully it will respond better.

So with that, I will be shifting to a fat loss phase in the coming weeks and I plan to document that as much as I can via this blog including my starting stats with regular updates. After pretty much period of very inconsistent tracking and eating since Thanksgiving, my goal for this week is to track consistently every day and see where my weight is at the end of the week (I honestly haven't stepped on a scale since Thanksgiving either...yikes!). I'll check-in with my coach after that and we will make the initial calorie cuts and any added cardio if needed to get things moving. 

I don't really have any deadlines for my cut so the goal is to lose the weight slowly and maintain as much strength as possible. Once I get to a comfortable body fat percentage, we will begin reversing again. I will most likely compete in a powerlifting meet in the Spring, so I'll have to keep in mind making weight for that, but we will worry about that when the time comes. For now, I'm just focused on being healthy and being strong! 

What are your New Year's Resolutions?